How to Send Mass Emails to Your Learners Using Excel, Word and Outlook

Picture this:

  1. You want to send emails to all your learners in a class or cohort.
  2. Each email should be personal

Most tutors would reach for Outlook and send individual emails.  While this may be a good idea for sending 5 emails, it quickly becomes a pain if you send 20 emails?  This article will show you how to do this without sending 20 individual emails.


  1. Outlook should be open


  1. Enter the email addresses and names as shown in the attached spreadsheet (emails.xlsx)

  1. Start Word
  2. Switch to Mailings ribbon

  1. Click on Start Mail Merge

  1. Pick E-Mail Messages from the drop down list

  1. Click on the Select Recipients List

  1. Pick Choose Existing List

  1. Browse and pick your emails.xlsx file and click OK

  1. Start by composing the body of your message in Word.
  2. Now customise by positioning your cursor where you want something to go and select “Insert Merge Field”

  1. Save your work as usual – here I called it mailtasks.docx
  2. Switch to the Mailings Ribbon again

  1. Click on the Finish and Merge Menu

  1. Select Send Email Messages

  1. Add a subject line

  1. Click OK
  2. Always add yourself to the list to see how it works